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2013-09-29 05:48 pm

Rudimentary Profile

Or: who is this guy anyway?

Lobsang comes from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series where he was a licensed child thief, an unconventional monk-in-training, and a skilled and awkward clockmaker, and where he now is the anthropomorphic personification of time.

Canonically, he may or may not have had "a thing" with Susan Sto Helit, schoolteacher and granddaughter of death. Non-canonically, he may or may not have had "a thing" with the TARDIS.

In memes, he comes in a variety of ages with a variety of experiences with an extended multiverse so the mun just plays it by ear.

What's up with the mun?
You can PM me for alternative contact (AIM, Skype, email, reluctantly plurk), or we can just PM. This pups lends himself well to crossovers if you want to coordinate metaphysics or w/e.

Give me a kick if I haven't replied to you in an age (it happens). I'm happy to backtag forever, but sometimes I need prompting.
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2012-01-18 10:06 pm
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    Not much to say here. In an ACTUAL game [ profile] earth_12 with a bunch of great people.
    Also on proboards with a Drumknott. No link. Heck no.